The Easiest Meditation Practice

The 1st step is Positive thoughts

If you develop the habit of holding on to positive thoughts your mind will fill with positivity

You could simply maintain meditative awareness round the clock.Besides making a habit of positive thought the finest method of mental healing is in meditation. It stills your body and the mind

In this state you will became more mindful and aware of your thoughts emotions and actions.Such awareness aligns the various energies in your body and puts you in greater control of yourself and make you more at ease. Let me share some yogic practices to strengthen your concentration and a practice method of meditation this will help you to attain a flawless and lucid meditative state...let's begin with Yogi practice

Still Gazing

The stillness of the eyes control many subtle energies in the body. Restless people tend to have shifty’ eyes.Have you noticed Chess players,they are so engrossed in their thinking while playing that you could mistake them for dead people. There is a rarely any movement in their eyes.The more engage your mind in the constructive thinking more you achieve gaze.The practicev of still gazing is called ‘ Trataka ‘. The ability to perfect your gaze is critical in attaining a true meditative stage.Still gazing will make you feel calm and energetic


1-Sit in comfortable posture,preferably cross-legged.

2–light a candle at a distance of about 3 feet in front of you.

3-Ensure the candle or any other object of focus is at your eye level. Watching a flame is more energised because the flame has a dynamic energy

4–Watch it for 10 minutes,ideally you should don't blink while watching the candle. It is hard to not blink- at first tears will starts rolling down your cheeks if you try to keep your eyes open without blinking but with practice your eyes will become use to this practice

5- During the actual practice try to be aware of your wandering thoughts and gently bring back your mind to the object of focus