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Their Prayers Answered!

Latasha Reveals

The SACRED Secrets:

How To Manifest The Life You Desire Through Belief and PRAYER 

Even If You’re DEAD Skeptical Or TRIED Praying Before With No Results

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Your Desires Are FAR More Closer To Manifestation Than You Think …

But our doubts make us think otherwise.

Maybe you have tried praying before in your life.

Or maybe you don’t believe in its powers yet.

Either way, there is more you can attract with prayers than you think.

And I’d be glad to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to do it.

And no, not just once ….

But every single time you want something in life.

Now I can hear you say, it’s a tall stretch.

But let me tell you this.

No great feats in life happen without first thinking tall about it.

I’ll Show You How To SCRIPT Your Dreams To Manifestation

No more not living a fulfilling life

No more not realizing your true potential

No more not acting on your God’s given gifts

Who Am I To Talk BIG?

Hey, this Is Latasha Nicole and helping others is what gives the wind to my wings.

I’ve successfully coached friends and family for years, so that they too could own profitable businesses or improve their personal lives.

Not to mention, my inboxes are flooded with requests for private coaching sessions and guidance.

This made me think hard about my own gifts and gave me a new purpose that not even my previous high-paying jobs and two highly successful 6-figure businesses couldn't give.

Here’s What I Can HELP You Out With

Explore & Manifest Your Dreams & Desires

Get Crystal Clear On What You Want The Most

Discover & Experience The Power Of Manifestation With Prayers

Strengthen Your Relationship With GOD

Jot Down Your Most Raw & Innate Needs

Secure The Ability To Write Powerful Prayers

Get The Confidence To Go After Your Dreams

Receive Mental Clarity & Transform Your Mind

Attain The Higher Self You Always Dreamed Off

But Don’t Take My WORDS For IT!

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One-On-One Scripting Session Now!

Spots For The Month Are Extremely Limited.

May BE After Reading All The Way Through

You’re Still Thinking Whether Or Not To Hop On The CALL

It’s OK…

You can ignore this offer and continue

…. Staying in the rut forever

…. Wasting your God’s given talents and gifts

…. Living a mediocre life full of misused potential

…. Wondering what’s it going to take you to manifest your wildest dreams


You can hop in on this virtual call with me at a date and time that suits you best and we can take it from there…

To Manifesting Your Dreams With Prayers,


Click Here To BOOK Your

One-On-One Scripting Session Now!

Spots For The Month Are Extremely Limited.