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That support you in feeling less anxious and worried about your future allowing you to be more present, at peace and in-purpose.

Imagine having a strong sense of self-worth and self-belief in what you want with a fresh perspective of what's really possible for you without letting fear and doubt get in the way.

Imagine trusting yourself and your ability to make better decisions for YOU and your family. No more second guessing, just a woman who knows her worth and goes after it relentlessly.

Imagine having such a strong mindset that supports you to show up for yourself and your goals with clear actionable steps to take daily, even on days when you don't feel showing up.

Imagine feeling energized, inspired and excited about what's to come because you have this real knowing that you are exactly where you need to be and are well equipped to take anything on! (and I mean, anything!)

Unleash Your Most Expansive Mindset....

What You Get When You Enroll

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Who Is This Course For?


Anyone looking to do
better in life


People who want
to succeed


Anyone who wants to overcome their
personal barriers and be happy

I took the 8 week
class with Latasha Nicole

It was an amazing 8 weeks. In the beginning I was on an emotional roller coaster but through everything
she was teaching like manifestation and prayer for me through. It was an wonderful experience
cause you just know your not alone in certain experiences. Each week that we would meet.
It would be confirmation because most of us would be going through similar things.
What is greater than healing. Latasha Nicole teaches to properly manifest. Thank you for
the 8 weeks and the woman I met was so worth the investment.


What we do in manifest through Prayer academy

We will work through all your fears and truly manifest the life you desire. Moreover, I will always be there to have your back because that’s what I do best. Needless to say, when God sees your determination, he will bless you so that no struggle seems insurmountable.

Every deserving woman inside the academy my absolute all, you will also receive these BONUSES...

Module 1: Listen

✔ What is Manifestation?
✔ Time to Grab a Journal!
✔ Discussion Questions

(VALUE $316.00)

Module 2: Visualize

✔ Visualize
✔ How Do You Visualize?
✔ Discussion Questions

(VALUE $316.00)

Module 3: Accepting

✔ Self Love
✔ The Ills of Perfectionism
✔ Discussion Questions

(VALUE $316.00)

Module 4: Accepting

✔ Self Acceptance
✔ Self Acceptance Cont'd

(VALUE $316.00)

Module 5: What to Write and How to Write?

✔ Writing
✔ How to Write
✔ Discussion Questions

(VALUE $316.00)

Module 6: Focus

✔ Focus: Introduction
✔ How to Stay Focused
✔ Discussion Questions

(VALUE $316.00)

Module 7: Self-Worth

✔ Slef-Worth: Introduction
✔ Elements of self worth
✔ Discussion Questions

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(VALUE $316.00)


I am giving you ALL OF THIS for just $1,498.00...and if that's a stretch for you right now, don't sweat it - you can get started .